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Contact Us

Please feel free to send me your comments on the 1966 VW Beetle Website, or the 1966 VW Beetle Forum.  If you have a suggestion that will make the site better or if you would like to see something added, please don't hesitate to send me a note.  I try to answer all questions within 24 hours of receipt of the email.

Quite often I will get questions regarding members car values, and/or the VW Beetle market in general.  While I enjoy hearing from all of you, please do not contact me with questions about how much to sell your beetle for or how much I might think it is worth.  As you might imagine there are many factors that influence the selling or purchase price of a beetle.  If you want to determine these costs, there are many sites you can find on the web like eBay,, etc. to see what the market conditions might allow.  Plus, as you might imagine, without seeing the vehicle, and knowing everything about it, it is almost impossible to arrive at a value. You are a much better judge of your beetles condition than I am, and I would not want to give you bad advice.


Also,  if your question is technical/mechanical in nature please join the 1966 VW Beetle Forum and pose your question there, I am not as mechanically inclined as some of the folks that are members on the forum.  While I try to answer every question that comes to me, there are other members of the Forum that have a broad range of experience and would be able to offer more than one perspective (and perhaps a better one). 

I have spelled out in long version my email address below to prevent spam robots from sending me email.  Simply replace the items in parentheses with the appropriate symbol.


 John Martini

Send any correspondence to: jmartini(AT)1966vwbeetle(DOT)Com

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