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Wolfsburg Volkswagenwerk Warranty

Of Volkswagenwerk Aktiengesellschaft for New Volkswagen Automobiles and Genuine Volkswagen Parts


This warranty applies to automotive vehicles of Volkswagen-werk Aktiengesellschat (VW) of all models and types, as well as parts for such automotive vehicles (including exchange units), to the extent that such automotive vehicles and parts are supplied by VW (VW Products). This warranty covers parts manufactured by VW itself, as well as such parts manufactured by VW itself, as well as such parts which VW acquires from other manufacturers and either installs or suppliers as parts. 

 1 Warranty claims can be made only through an authorized VW dealer or authorized VW repair shop.  They must be made forthwith upon ascertainment of the defects.  The repairs must be performed in the repair shop of an authorized VW dealer or in an authorized VW repair shop.

 2 VW warrants VW products to be free of defects in material and workmanship according to current industrial standards.  The warranty becomes effective at the time of delivery of the VW product by the authorized VW dealer, or the authorized VW repair ship, to the customer.  The warranty expires six months thereafter or when the VW product has been driven or used over a distance of six thousand miles, whichever event shall first occur.

As to VW vehicles assembled outside of Germany, the warranty of VW is limited to those components which are supplied by VW.

 3 The obligation under this warranty is limited, at the election of VW to the replacement or repair of such parts as shall be acknowledged by VW to be defective in materials or workmanship.  At the request of VW. Parts to be replaced must be exhibited or shipped from the office where the claim is made through the proper distributor or Exclusive Importer to VW or its designee.  All parts which shall have been replaced shall become the property of VW.

 No charge shall be made to the customer with respect to the removal or installation of parts or wit respect to freight incurred pursuant to this warranty.


 4 The warranty is expressly in lieu of all other express or implied warranties, obligations, or liabilities of VW and of the selling dealer whether for direct or consequential damage or otherwise, including  obligations for breach of express or implied conditions and including, but not by way of limitation, express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

 5 There shall be no right of rescission or to a reduction of the purchase price unless VW should not be in a position to cure the defect.

 6 The warranty is fully discharged:

a)  If the VW Product has been interfered with by unauthorized persons in any manner not approved by VW; or

b)  If parts have been installed the use which has not been approved by VW;

And if the sole judgment of VW the damage is causally related to the interference in case (a) or to the installation of unapproved parts in case (b).

The warranty will also be fully discharged if the customer has not complied with the instructions (Instruction Manual) of VW for the operation of the VW product.

 7 Normal wear and tear is excepted from the warranty.  The same applies to damage brought about by neglect or improper handling, including, but not by way of limitation, damage due to storage or corrosion.


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